1 - High Times Cannabis Cup 2004

Arjan's Haze 1 (Greenhouse Seeds)

Arjan’s Haze 1 was one of the first specially bred Haze strains from the founder of Greenhouse Seeds himself. This award-winner combines the power of G13 x Haze to create an ultimate sativa, with a classic spicy flavour, and an unbridled and long-lasting cerebral high. Arjan’s Haze 1 flowers in 11 weeks, and can produce up to 900g/m² indoors, or 1500g/plant outdoors.

Genetics 70% sativa - 30% indica
Parents G13 x Haze
Flowering period 11 weeks
THC% 21.44%
CBD% 0.4%
Yield (indoor) 900g/m²
Height (indoor) Tall
Yield (outdoor) 1500g/plant
Height (outdoor) Tall
Harvest time (outdoor) End of October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Greenhouse Seeds
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1 - High Times Cannabis Cup 2004

Arjan’s Haze 1: This heroine roams among Haze royalty

Arjan’s Haze 1 is an impeccable sativa, and the pride and joy of the Greenhouse Seed Company. It's named after Arjan Roskam, the founder of Green House Seeds. Do you enjoy Super Silver Haze? Well, this cultivar is similar in many ways. The induced highs are reminiscent of a fresh cup of coffee, providing the energy required for your daily tasks. The aromas are delicious... the flavors even more so. It’s the perfect strain for making spectacular space cakes.

Arjan’s Haze 1 is a hybrid resulting from high-class G13 and Haze genetics. The hybridization process was based on the high resin content, fast-flowering characteristics, vigorous growth, and dank highs.

With its 21.44% of THC, Arjan’s Haze 1 is extremely potent. After you hit that spliff, or vape, you’ll sense uplifting and happy feelings creeping into your consciousness. If you’re into adrenaline rushes, this cultivar will add a bit of thrill to your life.

If you’re growing Arjan’s Haze 1 indoors, make room for this beast. Sativa strains grow well indoors, although you need at least 400cm between the ground and the ceiling, unless you’re using recommended LST and ScrOG methods. Indoor growers will receive 900g/m²

Outdoors, Arjan’s Haze 1 produces up to 1500g/plant! If you wish to fill your entire curing area with dank nugs, Arjan’s Haze 1 should be your cultivar of choice. This 1st prize winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004 is an excellent sativa for hot-boxing sessions with your friends and family. Before growing this cultivar, be prepared for massive yields!

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