Green-O-Matic (Greenhouse Seeds)

Diverse genetic material often help to build top-performing strains, by combining the best properties of former generations. Green-O-Matic was created by using genes of Ruderalis, Moroccan, White Dwarf and Lowrider to build a new, interesting autoflowering strain. A mild smoke with a long-lasting and strong effect can be expected when growing this strain. Indoor flowering time is 6 weeks!

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Parents Moroccan x White Dwarf x Low Rider
Flowering period 7-8 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% Low
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) Low
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) 30g/plant
Height (outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Greenhouse Seeds
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Green-O-Matic: A short plant that delivers magnificent highs

Greenhouse Seeds Company presents the spectacular Green-O-Matic. They are proud of this one and they have used it for hybridization of other strains on in their catalog. What’s amazing about Green-O-Matic is the genetic diversity it derives from. The mix of Ruderalis, Moroccan, White Dwarf and Low Rider generated this impeccable strain. It’s quite difficult to hybridize four strains together, stabilize and select them - especially if you’re developing autoflowering genetics. Greenhouse Seeds stepped up to the challenge and proved their victorious status by perfecting this cultivar.

Green-O-Matic will finish growing after 7-8 weeks, from seed to harvest. You’ll receive amazing quality buds in no time. The yields are not humongous, both indoors and outdoors, although the amazing quality, rapid growth, and vigorous strength of Green-O-Matic make it all worthwhile. It’s a low maintenance plant, perfect for beginners. Bear in mind to avoid LST, ScrOG, and cloning of this plant. Autoflowering plants differ from photoperiod plants in these aspects.

The THC levels lay around 15.43%, which is a great amount for an autoflowering strain. The indica-dominant spell will untangle your mind. Green-O-Matic is a perfect smoke for everyday situations; a great, easy-going strain.

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