Arjan's Haze 2 (Greenhouse Seeds)

Arjan’s Haze 2 by Greenhouse Seeds is a special creation from the founder himself, combining Neville’s Haze x Super Silver Haze x Laos. The result is a well balanced strain that lifts the mind and spirit while easing the body into a bottomless body stone. Arjan’s Haze has a flowering time of 9 weeks, and can yield up to 800g/m² indoors or up to 1000g per plant outdoors.

Genetics 80% sativa - 20% indica
Parents Haze x Super Silver Haze x Laos
Flowering period 9 weeks
THC% 12.89%
CBD% 0.2%
Yield (indoor) 800g/m²
Height (indoor) Tall
Yield (outdoor) 1000g/plant
Height (outdoor) Tall
Harvest time (outdoor) Early October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Greenhouse Seeds
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Arjan’s Haze 2: Get a hold of the ultimate sativa hybrid

Arjan’s Haze 2 comprises Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Laotian genetics. Basically, it's a mix of the dankest strains known to mankind. Haze, as we know, originated from the impeccable sativa landraces mixed in California during the 60’s and 70’s. The genetics came from South America, South India, and Thailand. Super Silver Haze also contains Haze genetics, but it also includes Skunk and Northern Lights, which provide perfect cerebral and physical vibes. Add a landrace sativa from Laos and you have the most versatile Haze variety ever!

The best characteristic of Arjan’s Haze 2 is the short flowering time. The flowering period is over after only 9 weeks, which is nothing considering its prevalent sativa origins. If you're an eager grower, Arjan's Haze 2 is for you!

The THC levels lay around 12.89%. Truthfully, it’s not the most potent Haze variety, but that fact is compensated by its fantastic highs and short flowering time. If you consider that other Haze cultivars can take 6 weeks longer to flower, than you will appreciate the bonus of its short flowering time.

Arjan’s Haze 2 becomes super tall, so contain heights with ScrOG and LST techniques. Indoors, expect the yields to hit that 800g/m² mark. Outdoors, you shall be rewarded with 1000g/plant of impeccable sativa bud.

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