Kalashnikova Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)

Weapons suck and cause a lot of trouble which is quite unnecessary. Kalashnikova Autoflowering is the alternative draft from Greenhouse Seeds. Instead of bullets, it delivers large amounts of fruity/spicy buds to the target. If these plants are being grown behind enemy lines, fighting activities are most likely to end after 9 weeks of total crop time. Great smoke for your mortar or rifle. Chill!

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Parents Kalashnikova x Green-O-Matic
Flowering period 9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 800g/m²
Height (indoor) 70-100cm
Yield (outdoor) 80-100g/plant
Height (outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Greenhouse Seeds
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Kalashnikova Autoflowering: The ultimate ganja weapon, for peaceful purposes

This incredibly dank strain will induce superb indica highs. Kalashnikova Autoflowering derives from Kalashnikova and Green-O-Matic, which is an autoflowering strain. Kalashnikova genetics descend from White Widow, and, of course, AK-47. Instead of harming fellow humans with weapons, we are slowly but steadily heading towards killing time and getting super-baked with Kalashnikova Autoflowering.

The amazing indica high will encompass body and mind with an extraordinary potency that only Kalashnikova Autoflowering can deliver. Whenever you feel anger, hit this strain, and you’ll resolve your inner turmoil and want to spread the love. During a protest of any kind, it’s important to stay calm and determined. Vape some Kalashnikova Autoflowering and get your message across without causing riots.

The flowering time takes about 7 weeks, while the entire growth takes about 9 weeks, from seed to harvest. Regular photoperiod time is recommended - 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness. Autoflowering varieties need a minimum of 12 hours of light per day to produce dank quality.

With its medium THC levels, this cultivar is perfectly mellow, inducing relaxation and chill. Speaking of chill, Kalashnikova Autoflowering can handle temperatures as low as 10°C, so keep that in mind when growing outdoors. The yields are solid. 800g/m² can be expected from indoor growth, an approximately 100g/plant when growing outdoors. The height amounts to about 70-100cm for both indoor and outdoor settings.

This amazing 80% indica-dominant cultivar will get you exquisitely lit and happy. Make sure to pass Kalashnikova Autoflowering around in the best smoke circles, and you will be sure to impress.

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