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Exodus Cheese (Greenhouse Seeds)

Exodus Cheese is the original cheese strain, giving a very long lasting and stoned sensation. It has a 8 week flowering cycle and can yield up to 800g/m² when grown indoors and is ready at the end of September with up to 800g/plant when grown outside. Very good for SCROG setups this plant needs support for the branches when grown very large.

Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Original Exodus Cheese UK
Flowering period 8 weeks
THC% 18.43%
CBD% 0.28%
Yield (indoor) 800g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 800g/plant
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Greenhouse Seeds
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1 - ExpoGrow-Irún 2012
2 - Spannabis 2013

Exodus Cheese: Original UK Cheese, evolved into Exodus Cheese

If you’re looking for the original and ultimate cheesy variety, Exodus Cheese by Greenhouse Seeds has got you covered. With its crystal-covered nugs, this cultivar emanates delicious, cheesy aromas. You don’t merely consume this masterpiece, you experience it. Exodus Cheese enters body and mind as if it were saying: “I’m the Cheese you’ve been searching for all your life. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy”.

Exodus Cheese is, in fact, a variant strain of the original Cheese from the UK. Skunk fanatics have stabilized and selected the ultimate Skunk, which led to the creation of Cheese. Exodus Cheese is the stabilized and selected version of the Cheese. This Skunk improvement process has taken decades, and now you can experience this state of the art plant for yourself.

In general, Greenhouse Seeds produces the highest-yielding strains out there. Exodus Cheese is no exception. The yields amount to 800g/m² indoors and 800g/plant outdoors. Greenhouse Seeds recommends Exodus Cheese for a ScrOG' set up, due to her medium heights and growing patterns. Feed her well and treat her with lots of love and respect - she’ll definitely reward you for it with dank nugs, overflowing your grow room. So, make some space!

With her 18.43% THC-levels and 60% indica dominance, you’ll experience relaxed feels. A cerebral high will also be present, due to its Skunk heritage. But remember that Exodus Cheese is a creeper; the high builds up slowly, so pace yourself if you are a novice smoker.

All you ganja connoisseurs and cheese fanatics, Exodus Cheese is for you! Make sure to cover the smell if needed, as this variety exudes strong cheesy aromas. Let’s put it this way: Have you ever bitten into a ridiculously delicious, four-cheese pizza, with cheese oozing over the edges of the crust? The smell that hits you in that moment? That's exactly what's to be expected of Exodus Cheese.

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