CBD Critical Cure (Barney's Farm)

Made from the crossing of Critical Kush x CBD Enhanced, CBD Critical Cure is one of the premier CBD cannabis strains of Barney’s Farm. She packs a potent CBD punch, containing 8% CBD and 5.5% THC. The result is a functional and relieving effect mixed with a smooth earthy flavour. CBD Critical Cure has a flowering time of roughly 55-60 days, and can produce abundant yields for the time and effort.

Genetics 80% indica - 20% sativa
Parents Critical Kush X Shanti Baba’s CBD Enhanced
Flowering period 8-9 weeks
THC% 5.5%
CBD% 8%
Yield (indoor) 600g/m²
Height (indoor) 90-100cm
Yield (outdoor) High
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Barney's Farm
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CBD Critical Cure: The Flagship CBD-rich strain by Barney's Farm

CBD Critical Cure is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by Barney's Farm. It is the flagship CBD strain from the Dutch seed bank that was bred by crossing their famous Critical Kush and a CBD-enhanced strain from the legendary Shanti Baba, so you could say that the CBD Critical Cure is a Barney's Farm/CBD Crew collaboration. The ratio of indica and sativa genes is at 80:20, which shows during the grow, when the indica traits take over.

The breeders at Barney's made sure that it is a stable strain suited for growing it indoors and outdoors as well. Being a fast-flowering strain, the flowering period lasts 55-60 days, producing massive buds that will need support during the last couple of weeks. Indica genes are responsible for the plant's short height also, up to 90-100cm, but the huge buds will make sure that your yield stays at an amazing average of 600g/m².

Therapeutic benefits are the name of the game for this strain. A medical indica, CBD Critical Cure has 8% of CBD and 5.5% of THC. Due to the higher amount of CBD than THC in the plant, the high is calming and soothing with almost no trace of psychoactivity. It will knock out stress and pain with ease, without affecting your cognition, which makes it a great indica to smoke during the daytime. Aromawise, CBD Critical Cure has an intense, earthy flavor to it with little hints of sweetness.

CBD Critical Cure is a star in the field of CBD-enhanced cannabis. With CBD levels at 8%, it will help to soothe stress, anxiety and chronic pain. Add to that one of the shortest flowering times you have seen and you have a prize-winning strain.

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