Peppermint Kush (Barney's Farm)

The flavours of Peppermint Kush give you a punch right to your taste buds. Smoking this variety is truly a great experience because interesting spicy/minty aromas, go along with medicinal properties, due to 90% indica genetics. High CBD and THC values make this plant medicinally valuable. Peppermint Kush is easy-to-grow, stays below 90cm and builds strong side branches. Delicious!

Genetics 90% indica - 10% sativa
Parents Stella Blue x Nepali Kush
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
THC% High
CBD% High
Yield (indoor) 550g/m²
Height (indoor) 90cm
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) 80-90cm
Harvest time (outdoor) September
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Barney's Farm
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Peppermint Kush: Minty and Peppery 90% indica strain with high THC and CBD

Peppermint Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid brought to you by the famous Barney's Farm seed bank. The strain is a cross between a Stella Blue and Nepali Kush, perfectly blending the aromas of these two and creating one of the tastiest strains around. Genetically, the indica side is in favor, with a 90% indica genes - the reason for the strain's medicinal properties and its strong side branches.

Barney's Farm breeders make sure that their strains can grow in most conditions and Peppermint Kush is no different: it can be grown indoors and outdoors. The plants stay mostly short, growing up to 90cm. However, it produces very strong side branches that will need support in the last two weeks of the flowering period. The branches really fill out with large, resinous colas. It has a flowering time of 50-55 days, producing a high yield of 550g/m².

The highlight of Peppermint Kush, as the name suggests, is its out-of-this-world aroma. Chances are that you have never tried a blend of flavors quite like this! The pepper of Stella Blue and the minty aftertaste of Nepali Kush create a connoisseur experience that you will be coming back to. Peppermint Kush also boasts with high THC and CBD levels, making the strain valued for its medicinal properties. The high is mellow with strong body relaxation, great for treating insomnia and chronic pain.

The smell and taste of Peppermint Kush are reason alone to try it out. But even without the delicious taste, it is an easy-to-grow strain that will produce a high yield of medicinal grade buds.

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