Dr. Grinspoon (Barney's Farm)

Named after the famous cannabis advocate and researcher, Dr Grinspoon is a genetic powerhouse that encapsulates everything cherished about old-school sativa strains. She packs an intense and strong citrus aroma that turns into a long-lasting, sky-high cerebral head rush, when smoked. Dr Grinspoon by Barney’s Farm flowers in 90-100 days, producing up to 400g/m² of classic bud.

Genetics 100% sativa
Parents Dr. Grinspoon
Flowering period 13-14 weeks
THC% High
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 300-400g/m²
Height (indoor) 150-175cm
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Tall
Harvest time (outdoor) End of October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Barney's Farm
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Dr. Grinspoon: a pure sativa of mind-boggling quality

This extraordinary strain has been named after the maverick cannabis advocate, Dr. Lester Grinspoon. While investigating the adverse effects of marijuana in the 60’s, Lester came to the conclusion that the masses were misinformed and that marijuana was not as negative as propagated by the media; after that, his ganja activist days began.

Dr. Grinspoon by Barneys Farm is a pure, 100% sativa, which generates uplifting and happy feelings. If you want to smoke a bowl and exercise, try this strain...you won’t be disappointed. For all you purist growers, this is for you. Dr. Grinspoon is unlike any other Sativa out there; the buds are very thin and grow outwards from the cola spots and the calyxes are relatively large.

This strain is for the patient ones. It takes Dr. Grinspoon 13-14 weeks to finish flowering, which is considered a relatively long time. Although, if you are a sativa grower, you need to have this magnificence under your belt.

You can expect high THC levels from this cultivar. Once the trichomes start to change color, the calyxes will look like beautiful pearls, ready to be harvested.

The indoor yields amount to approximately 300-400g/m². True, not an amazingly large yield, but the nugs will award you with their mind-blowing quality. Outdoor growers can expect medium-sized yields. Make sure to harvest at the end of October, if you’re growing outdoors.

Indoors, Dr. Grinspoon can become 150-175cm tall; make sure to have a lot of space when growing this plant. Outdoor growers can expect this strain to become very tall.

This extraordinary and rare strain is made for sativa connoisseurs. If you dare to come out of your shell and try something different, Dr. Grinspoon is here for you.

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