Top Dawg (Barney's Farm)

Top Dawg is the mix of Mexican sativa x Afghan indica genetics, winning Barney’s Farm the cannabis cup back in 2007. She is an extremely pungent plant, creating a dank taste and aroma dominated by a pineapple overtone. The high induced is one that eases both mind and body into complete relaxation. Top Dawg has a flowering time of 60-65 days, producing up to 550g/m².

Genetics 60% sativa - 40% indica
Parents Mexican sativa x Afghani
Flowering period 60-65 days
THC% 19%
CBD% 1.2%
Yield (indoor) 550g/m²
Height (indoor) 80-90cm
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) Early October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Barney's Farm
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Top Dawg: Top strain by Barney's Farm with beastly effects

This bestial excellence deserves its name. After winning the Cannabis Cup in 2007, the Top Dawg cemented its legacy at the top of the cannabis food chain. Continue reading if you want to understand the potential of this menace.

The story goes that the Mexican Sativa and Afghani Indica Kush were engaged in a twosome, which resulted in the birth of the Top Dawg. This strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica, so you shall receive the best of two worlds, the Mexican fiesta-mode with the deep Afghani relaxation.

The flowering period for indoor growing is around 60-65 days, which is a very short time span. If you are an eager grower, this Top Dawg is made for you. The THC content is around 19% which is a potent amount that will guide you through the limits of the universe. The CBD content lays around 1.2%, which is relatively high for a non-CBD strain.

The yields for indoor growth are approximately 550g/m², which is a generous amount considering its short flowering time. For outdoor operations, the Top Dawg shall deliver "medium" amounts. If you’re growing outdoors, make sure to harvest in the beginning of October.

The Top Dawg reaches around 80-90cm in height, for indoor growers. Outdoors, this dawg will reach “medium” heights. This is a relatively short plant, so it’s great for stealthy operations and limited space. Of course, the seeds are female. No need to worry about male plants.

So what are you waiting for!? This bestial menace shall deliver wonderful feels with its pungent aroma, and guide you through your contemplative thoughts. Wanna be on top!? Top Dawg will take you there!

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